Fuji NR-500 Eng

Fuji NR-510B Flat

Everything in view at a glance thanks to the clear 8-line LCD display.

The Fuji NR-510B is equipped with a flat keyboard, has 90 preset keys on the keyboard and stores everything via an SD card. The NR-500 series is easy to program via the USB connection and the PC.

  • Prints 20 lines of text per second on 58mm thermal paper.

  • On the seller side you have 8 lines of text on an LCD screen and on the customer side 2 lines of text.

  • A flat keyboard with 90 programmable keys.

  • Two serial and 1 USB ports for connection of ao: PC, barcode reader, kitchen printer.

  • Up to 20,000 PLUs.

  • 99 sales groups.

  • 99 salespeople.

Can also be supplied with traditional keyboard with 12 preset keys.

Specifications may vary or can be subject to change.